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Brightwater Investigations is a locally owned and operated private investigation agency operating throughout the Florida Keys, south and central Florida areas. We have over 20 years in the business of private investigations serving clients from all aspects of life. Brightwater is dedicated to finding the truth and fulfilling all aspects of our client’s request. We can work with you or your attorney to reveal the truth so it can be told. We specialize in skip tracing, infidelity and matrimonial cases, child custody, as well as, insurance related cases. An expert private investigator in the areas of locating missing persons, skip-tracing, and domestic surveillance investigations. Our clients receive the attention and personal service they deserve because we are a small agency consisting of only a few investigators. As a client, you will be speaking with the actual investigators, not an assistant on the phone. We take every measure necessary to achieve the results our clients are expecting in a confidential manner.

Results are what you are looking for and we strive towards. Attention to detail, determination, and the ability to look outside the box are just a few important qualities that allow an investigator to achieve exceptional results. You can expect Brightwater to go above and beyond your expectations to achieve the objectives on any and all investigations. We look forward to assisting you with any investigation requests you may have.

  • “A private investigator is dedicated to the search for truth and the furtherance of their client’s interest consistent therewith. This search for truth makes possible the establishment of the American ideals of fairness and justice for the benefit of the client in every case that the investigator works on. It should always be the intention of every investigator to deal confidentially, honestly, justly, and courteously with all persons and to practice his profession accordingly.”