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Welcome to Brightwater Investigative Services, LLC.

Feel free to browse through all our site and see what "Brightwater Investigative" is capable of doing for you. Enjoy!

Child Custody and Support

If you have children, a child custody investigation can protect them from danger and abuse. In case of a divorce or separation, a child custody investigation can help make sure the child or children involved stay safe. A parent or court may order a child…

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Risk Awareness Investigations

Your business is only as good and reliable as your employees. Your business’ good reputation relies on the efforts of these employees. Our investigators will help you gain insight regarding an employee’s true lifestyle and provide sufficient evidence…

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Background Checks

In today's fast-paced society, if someone close to you is involved in something criminal, you could end up paying the cost legally, financially, and personally. Worse, even though people around us can betray us, we rarely take the time to make sure that…

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Bug Sweeps / TCSM

 In the current day of technology, almost anyone can easily and inexpensively acquire surveillance devices, or “technical bugs”, that can be used to invade individual or a company’s reasonable expectation of privacy. Bug sweeps can help individuals…

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Services We Provide

Results are what you are looking for and we strive towards. Attention to detail, determination, and the ability to look outside the box are just a few important qualities that allow an investigator to achieve exceptional results. You can expect Brightwater to go above and beyond your expectations to achieve the objectives on any and all investigations. We look forward to assisting you with any investigation requests you may have.

The Basic Procedure

Most of our investigations will begin with a confidential meeting between one of our investigators and the client. The client will explain to our investigator why they are pursuing the services of an investigator. The investigator will request any evidence / information the client may have which is pertinent to the case at this time. We will generally begin by using this initial information provided by the client to find more evidence and confirm facts.

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